Important Interior Design Principles that all Art Consultants have to follow

Unity, balance, rhythm, emphasis, contrasts, scale and proportion are among the vital design principles that are obeyed by a plethora of art consultants. Unity emphasizes on the fact that there should be significant use of harmony and/or uniformity between art components.  This conforms to design principles such as repetition to promote the visual unity of art and/or brands. On the other hand, balance refers to an ordered distribution of elements which occupy equal amounts of visual weight respectively. Balance can be categorized into three major styles, namely, symmetrical, asymmetrical, and radial. Alternatively, to achieve a visual equilibrium, the visual weights of the elements are evenly distributed along a real and/or imaginary central point. In the case whereby visual weights differ from one another, rhythm is used as a significant principle in maintaining a suitable visual tempo between elements. In collaboration with transition and progression, the rhythm of artwork promotes a natural flow in a viewers perception. Using a series of characteristics such as texture, color, and patterns, art consultants can evaluate the emphasis used in a piece of art. Color, form, and space are among the methods used to create contrast for components that should be differentiated from other components. In interior design, scale and proportion if used correctly, allows audiences to appreciate how components that are relevant to one another are placed in close proximity. Regardless of the state of the objects, a harmony between them can be influential in the value of an art piece. Lastly, the colors used in interior designs also have a definite impact in creating an appropriate and suitable atmosphere for viewers. In most cases, the  Art Dubai  has to offer compels interior designers to add their own distinctive feature to the overall composition of the final products. As a result, Artwork Dubai has to offer stands out for their individualism. A keen eye for detail, the art consultancy Dubai presents with a remarkable use of color and rhythms. A closer look at hotel art consultants shows that the aforementioned design principles possess an economical value from a business standpoint. In addition to this, the overall value of the artwork is also increased when it conforms to interior design principles. As a conclusion, art consultants interested in furthering their careers in interior design should explore outside of their zones of comfort in order to perfect their craft, In the competitive design industry Dubai intends to incentivize, one should prevent re-inventing the wheel by adhering to the modern use of design principles. … more →
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